Epica book

A year of creativity
A year of creativity

Have you got the “write” stuff? The Epica Book is a way of finding out. Our jury of writers on marketing, communications and creativity chose all the work featured in its pages. Published by Bloomsbury – the London publisher that discovered Harry Potter – this slice of creative magic has become almost as hotly anticipated as the winners’ list itself. That’s because the book is more than a compendium of winning work and high-scoring entries. It also offers exclusive interviews and insights into the evolution of our industry. In this year’s issue, highlights include:

  • How McCann Worldgroup became a creative powerhouse
  • The living logo that evolves with every story of injustice
  • How a small Polish agency made the world cry
  • The Russian rock star with a talent for eye-popping videos
  • How an influencer scam turned the tables on its audience

The foreword is by Kate Stanners, Chairwoman and Global Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi. The cover is an award-winning print ad from the “Trash Masks” series by Advantage Y&R in Namibia.

Sharing the magic
Sharing the magic

We are in the middle of a rapid transformation in our business. Nothing will ever be the same, and nor should it. Technology is making advertising more interesting, more potent and more relevant. But we should never lose sight of what remains at our core: fresh ideas. And we must never lose the craft and skills that help us turn those ideas into compelling, entertaining and seductive stories. It is the writer’s words, the director’s vision, the photographer’s eye, the editor’s clarity, the musician’s brevity that turn a simple script into something memorable. It is a designer’s skill that turns a functional customer interface into a sensory experience, to be enjoyed and remembered time after time. This is our magic. We’re in an exciting time, where the media landscape, like everything else, is changing dramatically. The media plan, as it was, is being torn up. Often the most powerful ideas exist between the lines of a plan, where they create their own story. We are increasingly obsessed by earned media, and we earn it by having a brilliant idea that is interesting to people. Then the way that story is shared becomes important. So often now the work we admire isn’t simply in the media, but is reported on and shared by the media. Without press coverage of creative industries, we wouldn’t debate, we wouldn’t challenge either each other, we wouldn’t learn, and we wouldn’t grow. We’d miss out on celebrating our industry’s moments of creative triumph together, collectively. It is journalism that ensures that the stories behind groundbreaking creative ideas are shared publicly in order to challenge and inspire audiences, expanding minds in the process. And journalists are the ones who provide the much needed context, depth and social value to the advertising work that’s created. The journalists are the ones who maintain high standards for us all, holding us accountable for our own work, and for our actions along the way. If you believe, as I do, in the unreasonable power of creativity, these are exciting times. The rules are changing constantly, which is music to the ears of those who are perpetually curious. But some things are constant, such as the power of an original idea, and the craft and skills that bring it to bear. As the rules go out of the window, we should be optimistic about what’s coming up next and celebrate what is exciting right now. I look forward to being challenged by the brilliant creative ideas featured on the pages of publications such as Epica for years to come.


Kate Stanners, Chairwoman and Global Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi


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