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“A great journalist is unbiased, and a great journalist cares deeply. What better group of people to judge an advertising show?... There is no show where your work will be more thoroughly investigated by a more unbiased and more influential audience.”    
Tor Myhren, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Grey and President of Grey New York

“Brands with the most famous advertising and communications will be more famous, and brands with forgettable ideas will be forgotten. And we all know where the smart brands want to be.”
José Miguel Sokoloff, President of the Lowe Global Creative Council and Chief Creative Officer of Lowe/SSPS, Bogotá

“Work that points the way to the advertising of tomorrow.”
Olivier Altmann, Co-Founder, Altmann + Pacreau

“Standards for new thinking, for intelligent problem solving and for refreshing insights.”
Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Group, Germany

“A palpable excitement hangs in the air as we seek something stellar. That’s the Epica Awards.”
Masako Okamura, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Vietnam

"It is journalism that ensures that the stories behind groundbreaking creative ideas are shared publicly...I look forward to being challenged by the brilliant creative ideas featured on the pages of publications such as Epica for years to come."
Kate Stanners, Chairwoman and Global Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi

"I truly believe creativity is the driving force behind our business, and I always will be a champion of it. I’d like to thank Epica and the journalists who’ve helped highlight and celebrate game-changing ideas that ultimately build brand success."
Mark Tutssel, Executive Chairman of Leo Burnett