The Epica Book

The Epica Book

Every agency that enters the Epica Awards automatically receives a free copy of The Epica Book. In fact, the book is one of the reasons many agencies enter year after year, without fail. It showcases all the Gold, Silver and Bronze entries, as well as other high-scoring finalists.

Weighing in at more than 390 pages, The Epica Book is packed with images, statistics and synopses, alongside agency credits and a detailed index. It also features in-depth articles about the Grand Prix winners, with interviews and behind-the-scenes revelations.

The book is compiled by our in-house editorial team and published by Bloomsbury. As well as being sent out to entrants, it is circulated to journalists and VIPs and sold at selected art and design bookstores around the world.


Without prejudice

By Tor Myhren

I started my career as a daily sports writer for The Providence Journal. It is a well-regarded newspaper in Rhode Island, and I loved the job. It was hard work and immensely stressful hitting deadlines night after night after night, but I loved it. Fresh out of college, I was low man on the totem pole. Quickly I saw in my older and more experienced colleagues that the job could take its toll. Stressed-out and often chain smoking with bags under their eyes, these people were putting everything they had into every story they wrote. I so admired this quality. Nobody is more passionate about their job than a great journalist. And nobody is more respected than an honest one. The reasons are simple: a great journalist is unbiased, and a great journalist cares deeply. What better group of people to judge an advertising show?

In an industry that is too often self-congratulatory, and too often has the same agency people judging the shows and deciding what work (often their own) is award-worthy, it is refreshing to have a steroidal injection of “journalistic integrity.” The judges at Epica do not care what wins, as they have no horse in the race and no axe to grind. They do, however, care that the winners they pick represent the best of what they saw. In fact they care very much. Unbiased people who truly give a shit, a hallmark of the journalism profession.

There is no show that your work will be more thoroughly investigated by a more unbiased and more influential audience

There are shows that carry more weight. There are shows in more exotic locations. There are shows that mean more to your clients. But there is no show that your work will be more thoroughly investigated by a more unbiased and more influential audience. And there is no show that the judges themselves are the exact people who can put your work out onto the international, mass media stage with one, simple press clip. Let’s give them something to write about.

Tor Myhren, former Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Grey and President of Grey New York, is now Apple’s VP-marketing communications.


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