• +Design, Greece
  • AdAsia, Singapore
  • Adformatie, Netherlands
  • Adobo Magazine, Philippines
  • Adweek, United States
  • ArabAd, Lebanon
  • Best-Marketing, Estonia
  • Brain, Japan
  • Brand News, Italy
  • Briefing, Portugal
  • Bulb!, Chile
  • Campaign Brief, Australia
  • Creative Review, United Kingdom
  • Código Jan-Ken-Po, Peru
  • Digiday, United States
  • exchange4media, India
  • Extradienst, Austria
  • Fast Company, United States
  • Horizont, Germany
  • IMJ + Adworld.ie, Ireland
  • Influencia, France
  • Insider LATAM, Argentina
  • Kampanje, Norway
  • Kreativ, Hungary
  • Lürzer's Int'l Archive, Germany
  • M+AD!, New Zealand
  • Majalah Marketing, Indonesia
  • MAM Marketing&Media, Czech Republic
  • Markedsføring, Denmark
  • Marketing Directo, Spain
  • Marketing Magazin, Slovenia
  • Marketing Magazine, Malaysia
  • Marketing Tribune, Netherlands
  • Marketing Türkiye, Turkey
  • Marketing Week, Greece
  • Markkinointi & Mainonta, Finland
  • MarkLives.com, South Africa
  • MarkMedia.ro, Romania
  • Media Marketing, Bosnia And Herzegovina
  • Media Marketing (MM), Belgium
  • Modern Advertising, China
  • NC Nuova Comunicazione, Italy
  • NEO, Mexico
  • P&M, Colombia
  • Persönlich, Switzerland
  • Press, Poland
  • PUB, Belgium
  • Pubblicità Italia, Italy
  • Reporte Publicidad, Argentina
  • Resumé, Sweden
  • Shots, United Kingdom
  • Sostav Russia, Russian Federation
  • Sostav Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Strategie, Czech Republic
  • Strategy, Canada
  • Stratégie, Slovakia
  • Stratégies, France
  • The Arabian Marketer, United Arab Emirates
  • The Drum, United Kingdom
  • The Economic Times, India
  • Werben & Verkaufen, Germany
  • Werbewoche, Switzerland
  • Worldofad.asia, Russian Federation


The Epica jury is made up of journalists. But not just any journalists. They are all editors and senior reporters working for marketing and communications magazines around the world.

So when it comes to judging the work submitted to Epica, they have not only the fresh perspective of the public, but also the expert eye of professionals who’ve spent years observing the communications industry.

The jury meeting is an emotional and sometimes combative few days. But after the final Grand Prix has been chosen, the champagne is opened and the celebrating begins.

As for the winners, they can rest assured that – thanks to the articles the jurors will write for their magazines or websites – their work will gain international exposure.

“Epica’s jury of marketing journalists is unique. They allow us to have a different angle because they are both outside the industry and deeply involved in it. They are objective, analytical, yet passionate about creativity. They are connoisseurs of brilliantly told stories and impactful messages. Some are walking archives of great advertising; others are keen collectors of the latest digital innovations. All of them join us every year to watch the work that truly deserves to make headlines.”

Mark Tungate. Editorial Director, Epica